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Lavendream Salve

+Designed to provide hydration and a soothing, calming effect for the skin. It may help alleviate minor skin irritations and dryness while offering potential antimicrobial benefits to support skin health. The formulation aims to nourish and protect the skin, maintaining moisture and promoting overall skin wellness. 

For more detailed information on the healing properties in this product please use our Botanical Glossary.

Lavender used in this salve was grown by seed, free of pesticides, insecticides, all natural, harvested, and handmade with healing intentions.

Suggested Use: Apply a small amount on permeable areas of the skin. 

Behind the ears, wrist, temples, clavicles, and bottom of clean feet. I also recommend to inhale your hands or fingers after you’ve applied as the scent will also provide benefits as well. 

For headaches I suggest to apply it on your T-Zones, temples, sinus areas, shoulders and back of neck as needed

For muscle soreness or skin conditions  apply on the affected area as needed. 


 Organic Lavender Infused Grapeseed oil, Coconut oil, Organic Lavender Essential oil, Candelilla wax

* Packaging may Vary- We strive to provide the best for our customers, please contact us directly with any questions or concerns related to your purchase.

🧤 handcrafted in small batches
🎨 made from scratch
🥑 created with fresh ingredients
🐱 vegan
🚫 free of sulfates, parabens, and phthalates

+ These statements haven't been evaluated by the FDA.

* Herbal Medicine is not regulated by the FDA. 

* We make no claims or guarantee about this product. 

* We are not responsible for allergy reactions. 

* Packaging May Vary- We strive to provide the best for our customers. 

* Please contact us directly with any questions or concerns related to your purchase.



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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews

This is my favorite Mesquite garden product. I have gone through many ounces (that last months) and it has helped my face tremendously! It also helps me calm my nerves and stress!

My FEET are beautiful

I put this on my feet after a shower every night and put socks on. Within like 2 days of first trying it the difference was so obvious. Now my feet are soft and beautiful. If you get cracked heels this is it.

Love this stuff!

I have a fussy little one that refuses to sleep at night, we recently added this to our nightly routine.
I rub this on his temples, wrists, and behind his ears.
We take some deep breaths and it definitely relaxes him.
Not only a huge help at bedtime but if his temper starts up my wife will rub some on him and breathe with him and he calms right down.

Susan B.

I use this for my sinus pressure headaches and my neck and shoulder tension nightly. I just started using it throughout the day at work also. It really works and smells good. I also use it on my little one before bed, making it a routine to help with bedtime. I bought the sample but will be buying more.